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Scotsburn Farm Ltd is a 135 ha Organic Crop and Sheep Farm situated in the Mid Canterbury area approximately 5 km from Methven and 30 km from Ashburton on fertile Mayfield Silt Loam soils. It is approximately 300 metres above sea level giving cold and unpredictable winters with the risk of a good snowfall.  Spring is often late with hot dry nor westerlies in summer.  The average rainfall is 950 mm per annum.

The farm was purchased by the Stowell family in 1964. It is now owned and operated by John and Joyce Stowell

Scotsburn Farm is BioGro (BG#5236) and non GMO certified. In 2009 we converted to organics becoming fully certified in 2012.  During this time we changed our farming practices to include AgriSea Soil Nutrition, Pasture Nutrition and the occasional application of fish to boost nitrogen on our crops.  

One of our aims is to continually improve the biology of our soil on our farm. This in turn will help us produce healthy crops and livestock. To aid this process we spray our soil and crops in spring and autumn with AgriSea Seaweed.

We specialize in growing two varieties of milling wheat (Monad Wheat is a very old variety and Mulkia is an English wheat suitable for sourdough) and milling Rye suitable for breadmaking. We also grow organic Linseed for a local Flax Seed Oil producer. 

Scotsburn Farm also runs a flock of pure Wiltshires and Wiltshire 1st cross ewes.  We are working towards a breeding flock of full shedders. Since working on the  soil biology our stock health has improved vastly to where we no longer find the need to drench, vaccinate or dip. Where needed we use Homeopathic Remedies and Herbal Drench to aid stock health. 

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